NEW! Proven effective

Audiclean Ear Wax Remover

Audiclean Ear Wax Remover is a safe and gentle
ear wax softening emulsion that naturally clears
your ears for better hearing

  • Softens and helps disperse excess ear wax indicated
    by difficulty hearing, pain, ringing noise, feeling of blockage
    and temporary deafness after swimming or a shower
  • Helps maintain hearing
  • Reduces the need for syringing
  • Hydrates the ear canal to relieve stretched-skin due to ear wax
  • Safe for adults and children (ages 30 months and up)

Who should use? Audiclean Ear Wax Remover is specially adapted:

  • For those who develop repeated ear wax plugs
  • For adults and children who naturally produce a lot of wax
  • For elderly people who naturally produce dry ear wax
  • For adults and children who have a hairy canal
  • For users of ear buds (hands-free cell phones and hearing aids, head phones,
    portable music devices, etc.) that hinder the natural wax movement

Directions For Use

Audiclean Ear Wax Remover • Safe for adults and children


  1. Unscrew and remove white ring from bottle
  2. Remove and dispose of protective seal located in ring
  3. Insert and click dropper into ring
  4. Screw assembled ring and dropper on the bottle

  1. Shake before use
  2. Unscrew small cap covering the nozzle
  3. With head tilted, fill the ear with Audiclean Ear Wax Remover by gently squeezing
    the plastic nozzle (on average 2-3 squeezes to fill the ear)
  4. With head up right, leave to act for 25 minutes
    A loose moistened cotton ball may be used at the entrance of the ear to keep
    Audiclean Ear Wax Remover in the ear canal.
  5. To prevent wax residues from drying and re-hardening again, wash out
    Audiclean Ear Wax Remover 25 minutes after application.
    You can use warm water,although, for best results, we recommend
    Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash.
    Repeat 3 times a day until symptoms clear. Treatment usually takes 2 to 3 days.


Contains only naturally sourced ingredients:

  • Apricot kernel oil to lubricate and detach dry ear wax
  • A hydrating aqua base combined with a mild vegetal emulsifier to penetrate and help disperse ear wax
  • Eucalyptus essential oil known for its antiseptic properties

Unlike other ear drops, Audiclean Ear Wax Remover contains no aggressive solvent and no oxydative agent, known to exacerbate already inflamed or irritated skin in the ear canal and that could itch or cause allergic reactions.*

Why use Audiclean

  • Proven effective
  • Does not irritate the ear canal
  • Special soft tip for ease of use
  • Contains only naturally sourced ingredients
  • Safe for adults and children

Consult a medical professional before using Audiclean Ear Wax Remover if you have:

An ear infection, swimmer's ear, balance disorders, history of ear surgery, eardrum perforation, pressure equalizing tubes or a foreign item in the ear.

Possible side effects
In case of pain or a persistantly clogged ear, DISCONTINUE product use immediately and consult your healthcare professional.
Do not use after expiry date stated on the carton and label. Replace cap after use.

Use within 30 days of opening.
Store at room temperature 20°C to 25°C.
Keep out of reach of children.
For external use only.

*Solvent-induced ototoxicity in rats: An atypical selective mid-frequency hearing deficit. Kevin M. Crofton, T. Leon Lassiter,
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